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A.I. Roleplay for
Fast On-boarding

Voice agents need roleplay to gain confidence fast. 

Trainers do not have enough time.

A.I. roleplay fills the gap.

Why Practicing with Nomopai?

Super-charge training in
3 Easy Steps

call flow sheet


After uploading (via your own account), trainees can practice roleplay

with different scenarios. 

as you wish

Practice without feeling uneasy, nor being judged.  Make all the mistakes without impacting a customer. 

with visibility

Instant feedback on your performance (product knowledge, clarity, confidence)


(Trainer, 5 years)

Our new agents feel more supported.
This increases our success in on-boarding. 

Rebecca G.

(Agent, <1 years)

I no longer mix up flow of
engagement with customer. 


(Agents, 2 years)

Instant feedback makes me want to
try more and improve how I sound. 

Your GROWTH MINDSET deserves a reward:

1 Free training session
with award-winning
communication/ sales trainer


How this works:
Step 1. Indicate who you want us to contact in your company (or you).

Step 2. You will receive an email to pick a session. 

All our trainers have > 10 years experiences (Toastmasters winners, ex-sales leads in MNCs). 


Thanks for submitting!

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