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Delight Customers with
Confidence & Empathy

Nomopai is a communication training companion

that provides personalised feedback & lessons

based on A.I. powered analysis of

training and operation performance

Our Belief & Inspiration

A big set of surprise winners are people whose work is

somewhat routine but very much about human touch ...

indispensable in the process of winning people over

- Dr Kai-Fu LeeEx-President, Google China

Author of 'AI 2041'

Source: The Economist Asks: How will we use artificial intelligence in 20 years’ time?

Groom the
Faces of
Your Company

How to treat a customer?

How to engage a partner?


We empower each frontline employee to carry it out, 

just like the CEO would. 

Our Approach
using Artificial Intelligence

1. Practice & Feedback

  • Gain confidence fast

  • Simulates scenarios

  • Individual & team-level analytics 

2. Insights & Knowledge

  • Optimize call review

  • Reference top performers 

  • Pin-point training needs

Powerful and Sucessful of Business group Call Center and technical Support staff for recep

3. Reinforce & Upskill

  • Consistent training

  • Personalised content

  • Upskill talents economically & efficiently

Active listening

Thinking on the Feet

Voice Projection

Why you would love us?

"This way of practice is

exactly what I wanted

for our agents"


10+ years experiences

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